loose ends

When I first moved into my new apartment at the beginning of August, I tackled unpacking, decorating, and other home projects with the tenacity of a jungle cat. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of momentum as time passed and as my living space got close to being complete. As I mentioned recently, I resolved to tie up these loose ends when I returned home from a two-week stay at my family’s home in New Jersey. I ordered a lovely cabinet for my dining area in September and it has been sitting there, half-assembled, ever since.  I’m happy to report that with the help of a boyfriend and a borrowed drill, I’ve finally crossed this project off of my to-do list!


I am thrilled with the extra storage space (my kitchen is way too tiny) and it’s a nice showcase for my vintage finds too. The Finel bowls are for sale in my Etsy shop, and the Pyrex primary bowls are my own personal set. I really love selling vintage because I can display my favorite pieces in my home for as long as I have them, and then welcome something fresh and new into my decor when the time comes.

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friday finds: keeping track of time

In honor of the new year, I’m highlighting a handful of beautiful 2014 calendars, handmade by my fellow Etsy sellers. I love calendars because they are a perfect blend of form and function; they make wonderful, inexpensive wall art and are a useful practical tool as well.

Here are a few of my favorites:




Click the photo to visit the listing, and have a happy Friday!

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Hello again!

After taking some time off to both work (graduate exams) and play (holidays spent at home with family and friends), I’m back for the new year, and optimistic about everything it will bring.

I plan to devote more time and energy to creative pursuits such as this blog, and I intend to post three times per week on average. I want to try my hand at more DIY and craft projects. I also want to grow my Etsy shop, improve my product photography, and develop a bit more knowledge about running a small business. Staying in touch with my creativity has been an uphill battle during my years in grad school, but I’ve come to realize just how important it is, and how good it makes me feel, to prioritize it.

This will also be the year that I start work on my dissertation, and the year that I travel to Key West, FL for my close friend’s wedding. Although funds are tight, I’d like to make it a goal to take at least one other trip to a new place this year. Some places on my list are San Francisco, Portland, Colorado, and Washington, D.C. (I’ve been to DC as a kid but don’t remember much of it).

And I want to read more fiction! A week or so ago I saw an article that discussed new findings on the effect reading fiction has on the brain, and it renewed my commitment to reading for pleasure. You can check it out here:


I’ve been reading Phillip Pullman’s Golden Compass series, and really enjoying it. I have managed to thrift the first two books for just a couple dollars total, and I’m keeping my eyes peeled for the third. I also have a ton of other books I’ve picked up at thrifts that are just waiting on my shelves to be read. Maybe by the end of the year they will be.

I try not to make “resolutions” that I don’t actually feel excited about working towards. However, I did resolve to finally tackle some small projects around my apartment that have gone untouched for far too long due to lack of motivation. I am going to finish building a cabinet today that I purchased in September (some of the holes were supposed to be pre-drilled but weren’t, so I have to drill them before I can move forward). It’s such a small thing that probably won’t take more than 30 minutes, but will vastly improve the look of my dining area. I’ll share the results when it’s complete!

What about you? Have you set any fun goals for yourself for the new year?

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merry christmas

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pyrex family portrait

A girl can only take so much academic paper-writing before she needs a creativity break. So, I decided to snap a few photos of some beautiful bowls this morning; the hot air balloons bowl that you see below (the one on the top of the stack) was just sold yesterday and I’ll be shipping it (along with the rest of the chip and dip set it’s a part of) to its new owner later today. At any point in time I have some vintage Pyrex in my home, but I absolutely love these three large bowls. They’re my 3 favorite patterns (balloons, pink gooseberry, and turquoise butterprint) so I had to get a portrait of them together before they go their separate ways.




Aren’t they beauties? A soothing sight for sore eyes (literally, my eyes hurt from spending so much time staring at a word document for the past week)!

Once I turn in this comp on Sunday morning, I’m going to have a big breakfast, visit the flea market, and exchange gifts with my boyfriend. A light at the end of the tunnel!

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friday finds: good tidings

Although I’ve been very busy preparing to take a graduate exam, I did manage to carve out a little time to write out and mail my Christmas cards yesterday to family and friends. It’s not something I’ve consistently done every year, but there are so many gorgeous cards out there that I had to buy some. Below are several of my favorite holiday cards from my fellow sellers on Etsy; I’d be thrilled to receive one of these beauties!






As always, click the photo to visit the listing.

And PS–I’ll be posting much more regularly again after the end of December; I just have too much going on right now!

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friday finds: deck the halls

This week’s finds are all beautiful items from my fellow Etsy sellers that can help you decorate your home for the holidays. Click on the link to visit the listing!


What kinds of decorations do you put up in your home?

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