happiness is

Happiness is waking up and seeing this:

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 2.09.21 PM

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day and it looks like tomorrow will be more of the same.

Earlier this afternoon, I worked on a craft project for Caitlin’s wedding (which is this weekend!) and did a little thrifting. It’s amazing how seemingly mundane activities like sitting in my living room and driving around town are so much more enjoyable when the sun is pouring through the windows and giving everything warmth.

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showered with love

Today was my friend Caitlin’s bridal shower. I traveled home to New Jersey to help orchestrate and attend the event, and it was truly wonderful. I personally don’t plan to get married anytime soon, so it was nice to live vicariously and to have the opportunity to play a role in making the event beautiful and fun!

photo (3)

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snowstorm score

It’s snowing here, and everyone has braced themselves for a big storm. Knowing that I might be stuck in my apartment for a couple days, I went out this morning to try to thrift, before the snow started falling. Two of the shops were closed but Goodwill was open and although I usually don’t find much at this particular location, I decided to pop in. I’ve had good luck finding treasures this week, and today was no exception. This beautiful little McCoy bowl was sitting on a low and crowded shelf, and I scooped it up as soon as I laid eyes on it:


I also picked up this colorful Daher tin:


Afterwards, on my way home, I stopped to grab a can of whipped cream, so I can enjoy some snow day hot chocolate later. Today, life is good.

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sending all my love

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love holidays. Valentine’s Day gets a bad rap as a heteronormative and consumerist scam, but I often think back to being in elementary school and making construction paper cards and giving candy to friends, and to me, that’s the real spirit of the holiday. I’ve continued to send handmade valentines to my friends and family as an adult, just to tell them I love them and to wish them a happy day.

I finished this year’s cards today and I’ll be sending them out later today. Here they are:




This year I really went with a simple design, and the only materials I needed were colored paper, washi tape, a glue stick, and scissors. Back to basics!

Do you make valentines for your loved ones? How do you celebrate?

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friday finds: winter mint

It is cold here. COLD. I moved to get away from the brutal winter weather of the Northeast, but apparently the South is not immune to it either! It’s in the teens today and even though I’m indoors, I’m still wearing my hat and scarf while I work.

So, this week’s Friday Finds is inspired by the arctic blast much of the country is experiencing–mint is cool and crisp, just like the air outside, and it’s a beautiful color that I can’t get enough of. Paired with white, it puts me in such a wintery mood!




Click on the photo to visit the listing. What are you doing to keep warm on these chilly days?

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saturday morning scenes

After taking about a month off from my Etsy shop, I finally jumped back into creating new listings this morning. One of the things I often have to do before photographing my items is to clean them; I thought these Cathrineholm bowls looked so pretty sitting in my dish drainer together that they deserved a snapshot.


They’ll all be up for sale in my shop within the next week.

How did you spend your Saturday morning?

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blushing bridesmaid

January can be a depressing time for lots of people, myself included. The holiday season is over and the cold, dreary weather shows no signs of letting up just yet. However, I always try to find things to get excited about, no matter the time of year. Right now, Valentine’s Day and my close friend Caitlin’s upcoming destination wedding (in which I will serve as a bridesmaid) are sustaining me. Her wedding will take place in Key West, FL in mid-March and I’ll be traveling home to NJ for her bridal shower at the end of February.

In the meantime I’ve been gearing up for these big events by helping the bride plan, doing a couple DIY projects, and of course piecing together my outfits for the shower, rehearsal dinner, and bachelorette party. I recently scored an awesome black sequined clutch for $1.99 which will go perfectly with a couple of my fancy frocks, and a beaded multi-strand necklace in coral and teal (the wedding colors) for $3, both from Goodwill. I splurged a bit on the dresses themselves (buying anything from a retail store is a splurge in my book) but have definitely saved on accessories by thrifting!

Caitlin is also a pretty thrifty, DIY lady. She has some great ideas for decorations and has asked me to make a bunting for the big day. I’ll be sure to share photos of both the process and the finished product. I’ve also been helping her out with the arrangements for the shower. In researching game ideas, Caitlin came across a wonderful Etsy seller, Blackberry Graphics, whose work I’d love to share with you. I bought these beautiful printable shower bingo cards from her and would not hesitate to recommend her work!


As you can see, the cards look great and are very customizable. I got exactly what I wanted, fast, and the seller was very sweet and cheerful. And just FYI, I have been provided no incentive to promote this seller’s work; I just love the Etsy community and think Jen deserves your business if you’re looking for printable invitations and other stationary for weddings, showers, etc.

I am so excited to take part in all of the events coming up! I know they will be beautifully decorated and very fun. They have definitely added some excitement and anticipation to these winter months, and a mini-vacation to Key West is the perfect cure for winter blues.

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