weekend haul

This weekend, I decided (as I often do) to hunt for some new things for my shop. I stopped at a couple of thrift stores yesterday, and today my boyfriend and I went to the Raleigh flea market. I just moved to Raleigh last month, and I’m still trying to get the lay of the land. I had a few very reliable thrift stores in my neighborhood in Boston, and one in particular that was unbelievably well-stocked with vintage treasures. So far I haven’t had great luck here, but I did manage to score a few great pieces this weekend:


The books were half off at the thrift store (all the proceeds go to spaying and neutering shelter pets, which is a cause I’m happy to support) and the other items were things I picked up today at the flea. Not too shabby!


About Emily

Hello! My name is Emily and I'm a 27 year old living in Raleigh, NC. I am a graduate student studying sociology and working towards my PhD; I run a vintage etsy shop in my free time.
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2 Responses to weekend haul

  1. which stores were your fave in the neighborhood? i’d love to check them out!

    • Emily says:

      BOOMERANGS! I found SO much amazing stuff there–clothing, shoes, kitchen stuff, art, you name it. And they have a frequent shopper card where you get a punch each time you spend 5 bucks or more and when you get 10 punches, your next purchase is 30% off. Goodwill is right next door basically and I’ve had some good luck there, but Boomerangs is magical and it seems like everyone who donates there has really good taste.

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