to sell or to keep?

This is a dilemma I sometimes face with my vintage items. I don’t thrift just to find merchandise for my shop; in fact, the reason I opened a shop to begin with was that I had bought so much for myself that I had no space for all of it. When I decided to begin my business, I had a fairly clear idea of what to list and what to keep, but sometimes I come across an item that I have a difficult time parting with. This beautiful Arabia Finland butterfly pitcher from the ’60s is one of those items.


I just listed it for sale today (Saturdays are when I tend to photograph and list new items in my shop), but with a bit of a heavy heart. I nearly leaped for joy when I saw it sitting on the shelf at my favorite Boston thrift shop a couple of months ago. I’ve learned, though, that I get almost as much satisfaction from showcasing finds like these in my shop as I would keeping it for myself, especially if I can’t give it the proper showcasing it deserves in my own home.

Do any other Etsy sellers out there have a hard time parting with your merchandise?


About Emily

Hello! My name is Emily and I'm a 27 year old living in Raleigh, NC. I am a graduate student studying sociology and working towards my PhD; I run a vintage etsy shop in my free time.
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2 Responses to to sell or to keep?

  1. BeingZhenya says:

    I always have a hard time selling my vintage finds, but I always tell myself that they need to go, and I am so happy to see the items go to good homes!

  2. Emily says:

    Hi Zhenya, thanks for your feedback! I agree, and I think taking nice photos of the items before i pass them along to someone else is almost as satisfying to me as having them around in my home.

    Love your blog!


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