September is my favorite month of the year. It’s my birthday month and up until recently it meant going back to school; in other words, a time for renewed effort and energy and productivity, and a time for fresh starts as well. It’s when the summer begins to fade, when the temperature begins to cool, and the leaves begin to turn. I love all of this. I started this blog last year in September, and although I’ve barely even given it a thought this summer, I’m hoping I can channel some of my “back to school” energy into this little project of mine once again. 

I’m very excited about my birthday this year, as I am every year, really. I’m turning 28, and although getting close to my thirties does intimidate me a little, my birthday has always been one of the best days of the year; after all, it’s my own personal holiday. How does everyone not love that? I try to make it as special as possible by doing the things I enjoy the most alongside people that bring me joy. This year I’ll be celebrating my birthday a bit early with Matt by going to the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro, which has been on my to-do list ever since I moved down here. Then I’ll be traveling to Boston for my birthday week to visit my dear friends and former roommates, Jess and Rachel. I plan to revisit all of my favorite haunts and do a LOT of thrifting while I’m there. 

Anyway, stay tuned for more blog posts and lots of new items in the Etsy shop soon; I have mountains of amazing vintage goodies to debut in the coming weeks. September is going to be a good month! 


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pyrex love

Good news! Fellow vintage lover Lizbeth over at The CatTeaKitchen is having a giveaway–and the prize is an awesome piece of Pyrex.


This blue doily 043 casserole is up for grabs and would look perfect with my modest collection–all white and turquoise, coincidentally. Wish me luck and head on over to her blog to see more vintage beauty!

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the glories of spring

Hello again! As you may have noticed, I took an unexpected and unintended hiatus from blogging; I just wasn’t feeling inspired. Now that the sun is shining and the trees and flowers are in full bloom, though, I can’t help but feel a renewed zest for life. Springtime is quite possibly my favorite season, and arguably the most beautiful time of year. Case in point:

Head on over to my Instagram (@twoafter909) to see more lovely photos of my springtime adventures.

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life lessons


This is my collection of fortune cookie wisdom; I saved each of these little pieces of paper because the message spoke to me in some way; it provided me with a piece of advice or an insight that I felt I needed to hold onto as I made my way through life.

Of course, my best sources of advice are my family and friends, who are constantly helping me to grow and make good decisions. But sometimes it’s nice to receive a fortune that says something I need to hear. Have you ever received helpful advice from an unexpected source?

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new blooms

Fresh carnations in a vintage vase:



I just listed the vase for sale in my Etsy shop, but it’s one of those pieces I’d love to keep for myself. Simply gorgeous!

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mr. & mrs.


A few months ago, my close friend and bride-to-be asked if I would make a bunting that she and her future husband could use as a prop in their wedding photos. I knew immediately that I wanted to use map pages as the background, since Caitlin is a true traveler at heart and met her mate abroad. So, I kept my eyes peeled and came across a wonderful vintage atlas from the 1960s in a thrift shop for a quarter.

After finding and downloading a template online, I traced the shape onto the map pages and cut them out. Since the map paper was thin, I decided to make a second, more rigid layer; I just increased the size of the original template by about 20 percent, and traced it onto a nice thick watercolor paper. I used scrapbooking adhesive to attach the map pieces onto the background paper. Then, I printed the words onto label paper (so it would be sticky and I wouldn’t have to deal with trying to glue the letters down onto the bunting) and meticulously cut them out and attached them. Finally I punched small holes in each of the flags and threaded a piece of blue and white baker’s twine through the holes.



I was really pleased with the end result and I think the bride was too. From the beginning she made it clear that her vision was to incorporate as many handmade and personalized touches as possible. She made the gorgeous brooch bouquets that she and her bridesmaids carried, painted centerpieces, and enlisted talented Etsy artists to make her cake toppers and wedding dress hanger.

In making this bunting I really wanted to honor the couple and their history; I was able to actually include maps of Scotland (where they met), New Jersey (the bride’s home state), and Florida (the location of their wedding). Like the bride, I feel that things that are made by hand with love are special and worth the extra time, effort, and energy.

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eat, drink, and be married

This past weekend, I attended one of my oldest friend’s weddings in Key West, Florida. I had been looking forward to this event for nearly a year and yet it managed to exceed my highest hopes and expectations. It was a beautiful, emotional, and gorgeous event.

This is the first destination wedding I’ve ever attended, and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to spend a long weekend in such a fun locale. There were so many activities to do and sights to see. Here are just a few highlights from the island:

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